Lottery Online

Lottery Online is a growing trend among US states and territories who want to provide citizens with a convenient way to play state-sponsored lottery games. These platforms have state-specific lottery products, including e-Instant games that offer a digital version of the traditional scratch-off game experience. They also have features that let players check results and other information on the go.

Many Lottery Online sites charge a small fee for their services, which slightly drives up the ticket price. This is a tradeoff most consumers are willing to make for the convenience of buying tickets through an online platform. Some of these websites have even made it possible to play multi-state lottery games.

New Hampshire became the first Northeastern state to legalize Lottery Online last summer, allowing residents to purchase lottery tickets on a computer or mobile device. It offers a variety of instant win games as well as a selection of multi-state lottery games like Mega Millions and Powerball.

The company behind the launch, Jackpot, says it plans to transform a $100 billion-a-year industry that is mostly cash-based. The company will use technology to create a more modern lottery business that is “in sync with the online buying habits of today’s consumer.” It will also work closely with regulators in select states to gain clearance to launch its service. In addition, the company will employ age verification controls to prevent people under the age of 21 from accessing its lottery offerings.