Lotter Singapore is the official lottery operator in Singapore and operates the Toto, 4-D and Singapore Sweeps lotteries. It also offers sports betting and online services. It is regulated by various bodies and is an approved operator for online gambling. Its services are available to players outside of Singapore, too. Its mobile app and website are secure and offer privacy guarantees. It is easy to play and the latest results are only a few taps away.

During the financial year ending this past March 2022, Singaporeans spent S$9.2 billion betting on sports and lotteries. This is a record and the highest amount in a decade, according to the Tote Board, a statutory body that governs lottery operator Singapore Pools and the Singapore Turf Club, which operates horse races. Lotteries include 4-D and Toto, while sports betting refers to football and motor racing bets.

The money from these bets is used to fund charitable and social welfare efforts, including the arts, culture and sport. Some of it is even set aside for the poor and needy. In addition, a small percentage is given to a research fund, which can support academic work on gambling and its effects on society. The rest of the profits are shared between the two operators and the Tote Board. Despite the recent rise in bets, there is still concern that illegal gambling is rampant. This is reflected in the number of arrests made by police for illegal betting activities this week alone.