If you’re a game-of-chance enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Lotter Singapore, the nation’s premier lottery. With the recent introduction of a new lottery, Singaporeans can now purchase their tickets online, regardless of where they live. The new lottery system, known as Singapore Pools, features 30 lotteries, including a $50 million guaranteed jackpot and instant-win games. Launched on September 20, the online lottery has a two-year period until September 2020. Singapore Pools has been in talks with regulators in recent months to ensure a smooth transition from the old system to an online version of the lottery.

Although Singapore is a great country to visit, not everyone has the same rights. Because of the country’s restrictive visa requirements, temporary visitors are only allowed 90 days in the country at a time. Due to these visa restrictions, lottery operators in Singapore introduced the online version of the game, which allows people to purchase tickets from anywhere in the world. Singapore Pools spends 100% of its lottery profits on legitimate work. The lottery’s popularity is evident: in April 2015, the country’s lottery sales topped $1 billion!

Despite Singapore’s strict gambling laws, online lottery players can find plenty of ways to pass the time safely and legally. With a new lottery operator launching this year, there’s no time to lose. The only catch is that you need to be aware of the rules and regulations of Lotter Singapore. If you’re a first-time player, consider these tips to play safe in the online lottery system. In addition to the rules and regulations of online lottery games, there’s also a new gaming regulator launching in the country in the coming months.